Meet Our Chicago Brand Ambassador - Shalane

STS: Tell us a little bit about yourself? What are some of your passions? What are some of your travel goals?

SHALANE: I'm 32 years old and I was raised in Texas but consider Chicago home!

My first time traveling solo was to live in Costa Rica for two weeks when I was 19 and the travel bug never left me! Next was 6 months abroad in Spain my junior year of college, and then 3 years in Dubai as an adult! One of my "travel pics" is capturing me upside down in a handstand around the world.

Outside of travel I love cheerleading; good old fashioned Gabriel Union bring it on style! I also love kids and have been a Sunday school teacher for almost 10 years!

My 1st travel goal is to get to every continent. Currently missing on my list are South America, Australia and Antarctica. My 2nd travel goal is to do a DNA test to figure out my roots, and then spend some time in those countries in Sub-Sahara or west Africa.

STS: Tell us what it was about Sisters Traveling Solo that made you want to go from being a member to being on the STS team?

SHALANE: The STS community is a powerful one. Having traveled all my life, I took for granted how hard it can be for someone to take that big step, whether it's leaving the country, or even leaving their home state! Watching the forums and seeing how the women lift each other up and encourage each other is something worth supporting and growing. Not to mention, I love people and any excuse to meet more like-minded ones is A-okay in my book.

STS: Tell us about your most recent solo trip. Where did you go?

SHALANE: Most recent solo trip was to Edinburgh, Scotland for NYE. I called up a friend from Dubai who had moved back to Scotland and asked if I could crash her NYE plans and she said yes! Scotland was amazing!

STS: What do you enjoy most about Sisters Traveling Solo?

SHALANE: I touched on this in point 2 but I love the encouragement in the group. I love seeing someone be vulnerable and post what makes them nervous or afraid, and instead of getting teased or made fun of, the group comes together to encourage and lift them up. It's also like a personalized TripAdvisor. For most of my trips now, I search in the Facebook group to see what others have said!

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