Meet Our Trip Coordinator - Avis

STS: Tell us what it was about Sisters Traveling Solo that made you want to go from being a member to being on the STS team?

AVIS: One of the strongest reasons why I wanted to go from being a member to part of the STS team is because, I believe in and support the founder and what she is promoting. Much of what is offered in the group directly aligns with what I am passionate about (travel, sisterhood, and business) and many of my own personal goals, so being part of the team only felt right.

STS: Tell us about your most recent solo trip. Where did you go?

AVIS: My most recent solo adventure was a quick domestic weekend getaway to NC. Sometimes I get a spontaneous itch, where I just want to get in a car and drive for hours alone, just to see new scenery and clear my mind. Although it was a very long drive (turned into 8hrs one way), I think the most fun I had during that entire adventure was blasting my music and singing at the top of my lounges, while being trapped in car for hours, driving through a rainstorm, lol.

STS: What do you enjoy most about Sisters Traveling Solo?

AVIS: What I enjoy most about STS is that it's a place where sisters from all over the world come together to inspire others to travel solo. The ladies in the group are very supportive and receptive to other members that are thinking about or have recently embarked on their first solo trip, and I value the comradery that comes with that. I also like how there's a free passport give away contest that serves as an incentive to help encourage the idea of travel.

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